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With over 3,000 high-quality apartments built, Autóker Holding has been an active and reliable player in Hungary’s real estate market for 20 years.

Since the very beginning, we have focused on prime construction locations. One of the most prestigious developments by the Autóker Holding, in the heart of the bustling party district on the Pest side of the city, was Gozsdu Court. But we have designed and erected numerous other downtown residential buildings as well, such as the House on Szinyei Merse Stret, the Cézár House, the Kleopátra House, the Római Garden, the Heléna House, the Király Court, the Léda House, and Marina Part phases 1-6.


Balatonlelle is located on the southern shore of lake Balaton, west of Siófok, accessible by the M7 motorway as well as the main roads no. 7 and 67. As one of the most popular towns by the lake Balaton, Balatonlelle boasts major touristic appeal.

With its impressive fountain, Szt. István square in the town centre is a bustling meeting place on summer evenings. That is where stage performances and events are held, such as the Lelle Wine Week Festival. A promenade lined with sycamore trees leads from the square to a pier that offers boat excursions during the day, as well as a gorgeous view of the setting sun in the evening.

The Napfény (Sunshine) beach and bath, featuring a sandy shoreline with a seaside atmosphere, attracts the most visitors in Balatonlelle.

The highest point of the town is Kishegy, a hill with excellent vineyards. This is where a baroque chapel dedicated to Saint Donat is located, opposite to a Hungarian restaurant in a former winery of the Jankovich family.
A forest on the outskirts of the town offers recreation and excursions.

The Napfény (Sunshine) Resort Balaton is located at 72 Honvéd street. Take Szent István street from the town centre towards Balatonboglár.

About the project

Located in the quiet Western part of the town, the property has a 75-metre common border with the free beach that runs along the southern shore of Balaton, i.e. the 6,545 m2 plot lies directly at the lake shore. Fifty apartments are planned in a prestigious condominium building utilising renewable energy. The construction works will start in Q1 2018 and should be completed for summer of 2019.


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Thanks to an atmospheric town centre and pedestrian zone, an attractive yacht port, a family-friendly sandy beach with gently deepening water, and a scenic view of the hills of Badacsony, Balatonlelle is a premier holiday resort on the southern shore of the lake.

Varied and high-quality programs are available all summer to visitors seeking active recuperation; the town centre features an open-air stage, a theme park, as well as numerous bars and restaurants. In August, the wine week and the “Lelle days” complete an unforgettable experience.


Find your exclusive new apartment with beautiful view, recreational and sport opportunities, at the southern coast of Lake Balaton, close to the beach in the western tranquil part of the city.

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Napfény Resort - Balatonlelle ingatlan
Napfény Resort - Balatonlelle ingatlan
Napfény Resort - Balatonlelle ingatlan
Napfény Resort - Balatonlelle ingatlan
Napfény Resort - Balatonlelle ingatlan
Napfény Resort - Balatonlelle ingatlan
Napfény Resort - Balatonlelle ingatlan